Kitchen renovation in dubai

What Does It Cost to Renovate a Kitchen in Dubai in 2024?

The Primex is here to help everyone who has decided to rebuild their kitchen in Dubai. The company offers kitchen renovation services at a competitive price and good quality.
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New kitchen design
New kitchen designs might be modern or classic, depending on consumer preferences.
Use high-quality materials like genuine wood, marble, and granite.
The client demands custom designs, which include kitchen space.

Renovating old kitchen
Renovating ancient kitchens involves updating design and functionality while preserving the core framework.
Replace the existing cabinetry and appliances with new ones.
Add appropriate lighting and ventilation.

Demolish and rebuild
Demolish the old kitchen and replace it with a new design for the most cost-effective kitchen remodel.
Changing electrical, water, and sewage installations.
Installing new floors and walls.

Installing cabinets and appliances: We are installing new kitchen cabinets in various materials and colors.
We are installing new electrical equipment such as refrigerators, ovens, and washing machines.

Paint and finishes
Paint the kitchen walls in appropriate colors.
Installing floor and wall tiles.
Lighting and ventilation have been installed.

Design consulting
Design consulting involves advising clients on kitchen design and renovation options.
Assist the customer in selecting the necessary materials and devices.

Project management involves overseeing all stages of kitchen refurbishment, from concept to implementation.
All contractors and technicians are coordinating their work.

Quality assurance involves a warranty for all work and services offered.
After-sales support to ensure customer happiness.

Kitchen renovation in dubai