Lifeasible Updated Its Targeted Metabolomics Service of Plant Hormone Recently

Lifeasible, a leading provider of metabolomics solutions, today announced the update of its Phytohormone Targeted Metabolomics Assay. This enhanced service enables researchers to quantify an expanded panel of plant hormone compounds with unparalleled precision, further advancing plant biology research and crop improvement.

Plant hormones play a central role in regulating plant growth, development, and responses to environmental stimuli. Lifeasible’s updated targeted metabolomics assay provides researchers with a powerful tool to elucidate the complex interplay of plant hormones and their role in various biological processes.

“We are excited to offer this updated assay to the plant research community,” said Isla, one of the representative speakers of Lifeasible. “Our team has worked diligently to expand the coverage of our assay, providing researchers with even more insights into plant metabolism and development.”

The updated Phytohormone Targeted Metabolomics Assay leverages Lifeasible’s advanced mass spectrometry platform and proprietary databases to achieve precise identification and quantification of an expanded panel of plant hormones. The assay covers a broad range of hormone classes, including newly discovered plant hormones involved in defense responses and other physiological processes.

Lifeasible’s updated assay offers several advantages over existing methods. The use of isotope internal standards ensures accurate and reliable quantification. A rigorous manual proofreading process guarantees the accuracy of results. Additionally, Lifeasible provides comprehensive bioinformatic analysis, including PCA, OPLS-DA, and analysis of variance, to help researchers interpret complex metabolomics data.

The applications of this updated technology are vast. Researchers can use the assay to investigate plant hormone signaling pathways, elucidate the mechanisms of plant stress responses, and identify key regulators of crop yield and quality. Plant breeders can leverage the technology to develop crops with improved traits, such as enhanced disease resistance or increased nutritional content.

“Lifeasible is committed to advancing plant biology research and promoting global food security,” said Isla. “We believe our updated targeted metabolomics assay will further empower researchers to make breakthrough discoveries that can transform agriculture.”

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Lifeasible Updated Its Targeted Metabolomics Service of Plant Hormone Recently